• The Big Deal about the New Year

    I have been thinking why there seems to be an excitement in the air that is unique to this time of the year. What can a calendar flip give us that is so special? In my conversations with friends about the anticipation for that first hour of the new year, I found there seems to be several elements that makes this season unique.

    For those who have experienced hard times in the year that’s ending, it is the ability to see problems get smaller in life’s rear-view mirror. Those who have waited for ‘the big break’ professionally, look forward to the new year because of the potential it brings for it to finally happen. Others think of it as a possibility of a ‘do over’ in many ways, and the promise of a fresh start – a chance to act on things that they have not started (or not quite finished) is just barely at reach, as January seems perfect as a sort of ‘due date’ to take the first step. There are also those who want to experience a better quality of life and intend to take action towards becoming healthier physically and emotionally when the new calendar starts.

    Considering the possibilities of what lies just around the year’s corner, it seems only natural to dream and wish for what’s to come. I am as hopeful as anyone that the New Year ushers in sweet surprises and am even optimistic about perhaps checking off some items on my own ‘bucket list’.

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